Thank you for your interest in seeking a career with Pathways Global Institutes!
At PGI, we are constantly looking for highly qualified and highly effective, innovative individuals to commit to working in a cultivating and rigorous environment.  Please see below for a list of possible positions and if you are interested in any of these positions, please click here to review the Employment Interest Submission process.
Potential Positions:
Leadership Roles
  1. Director of Instructional Leadership and Compliance 
  2. Director of Operations and Financial Management
  3. Director of Office Management and Pupil Accountability
  4. Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 
  5. Director of Behavioral Interventions and Student Discipline
  6. Director of Student and Family Support
  7. Director of Food Service and Nutrition
  8. Director of Supplemental Academic Programs (Before/After/Saturday/Summer School)
Elementary Instructional Roles
  1. Early Childhood (ZS/ZA Endorsement)
  2. K-5 Instructor (Self-Contained)
  3. K-5 Instructor (English/Language Arts Endorsement)
  4. K-5 Instructor (Mathematics Endorsement)
  5. K-5 Instructor (Science Endorsement)
  6. K-5 Instructor (Social Studies Endorsement)
  7. K-5 Physical Education Instructor
  8. K-5 Music Instructor
  9. K-5 Computer Technology  Instructor
  10. K-5 Art Instructor
  11. K-5 Foreign Languge Instructor 
  12. Special Education Instructor


Middle/High Instructional Roles

  1. Middle/High School Instructional Roles
  2. 6-12 Instructor (English/Language Arts Endorsement)
  3. 6-12 Instructor (Mathematics Endorsement)
  4. 6-12 Instructor (Science Endorsement)
  5. 6-12 Instructor (Social Studies Endorsement)
  6. 6-12 Physical Education Instructor
  7. 6-12 Music Instructor
  8. 6-12 Computer Technology Instructor
  9. 6-12 Art Instructor
  10. 6-12 Foreign Language Instructor
  11. Special Education Instructor


Federal Title Grant Programs Roles

  1. Title I. Coordinator


Non-Instructional Roles

     Instructional Support Roles
  1. Para-Educator (Certified Instructor) 
  2. Para-Professional (Non-Certified)
  3. Substitute
Operations Support Roles
     Clerical Support Roles
  1. Administrative Assistant
  2. Office Assistant
  3. Operations Clerk
      Food Service Support Roles
  1. Food Service Assistant 
      Facilities Support Roles
  1. Engineer (Licensed)

Please click here to review the Employment Interest Submission process.


Pathways Global Institutes is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, orienatation, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, or any other category protected by federal, state or local law in the administration of any of its educational programs and activities or with respect to employment.