“Nurturing and Inspiring Future Global Leaders”

Vision Statement

Pathways shall be an educational institute where children embrace a diverse community, value education through mastery and synthesis of theories and practices, and who study the world through global languages, global issues, and global connections. Pathways inspires independent thinkers who will embrace the sense of leadership, efficacy and civic responsibility necessary to create a legacy which will be transferred from generation to generation.


Mission Statement
Pathways recognizes that every child is a product of their environment through nurture and with the proper encouragement, guidance, support, education and through fostering their natural personal talents and life-purpose; all children have the innate abilities to become global leaders and scholars in our society.


Core Focuses

Global Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Environmental Conservation


Global Leadership Focus
Our students study the world through three main themes: global issues, global culture and global connections. The purpose is for the curriculum's essential ideas to correlate with the daily lives of students. Through this practice, students develop skills such as: issue analysis, problem solving, interpretation, reasoned persuasion, and research investigation. Students are encouraged daily to become actively involved at the local, state and national levels by practicing their civic duty through relationships with our economic, social and political systems.


The leadership development of students is a vital focus of PGLA. "Nurturing and Inspiring Future Global Leaders" is more than just our motto. It is what today's society requires of our students in order to be productive global citizens. We strive to develop in every student an awareness of his or her own leadership potential.


Social Entrepreneurship Focus
PGLA students will become a special type of leader, one who creates and implements an innovative and profitable solution to a local or global issue. This ability is not necessarily innate; the ability will be developed via consistent instruction.

Students are taught how to distinguish an entrepreneur from a social entrepreneur, the latter being a special type of leader, one who creates and implements an innovative and profitable solution to a local or global issue.


Conservation Focus
The conservation awareness component teaches our students how to be active participants in preserving and protecting our environment. We will take a pledge to adopt the practices of recycling, reusing, reducing and repurposing in the school and neighboring community.


Educational Beliefs


PGLA's  professional learning community aims to develop the whole child through nurturing and inspiring the natural born genius within every child and we are grounded in the beliefs that an effective education:


  • Encompasses the cognitive, affective, social and physical needs of the learner; 
  • Engages the family as a partner in the educational process;
  • Addresses the economic, social, educational, and environmental strengths and weaknesses of the home;
  • Includes a character building thread that reinforces the development of strong morals, values, and ethics;
  • Engages each child as an active participant in acquiring knowledge and developing skills; Promotes the understanding of different cultures and prevents bullying;
  • Is facilitated and guided by leaders with vision, commitment, expertise and integrity;
  • Demonstrates a unique style and rate of acquiring knowledge and mastering the learning of tasks and skills;
  • Learns best in an environment that is secure, attractive, organized and nurturing;
  • Aspires to excellence in a learning setting that affirms the worth of the child while ascribing to high performance standards and high expectations; and
  • Benefits from the opportunity to learn about and respect his/her individual cultural heritage and ancestral homeland while acquiring the knowledge, skills, and character traits to become productive citizens.



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